Monday, August 13, 2007

Rules of Engagement

In Iowa, Tom Tancredo added to his loose cannon reputation. He said if he was elected, there would be one rule of engagement: We Win, You Lose. (I heard this on the Laura Ingraham show, and she thought it was a great idea)
We are currently trying to set up an Iraqi Army to keep the peace, deter Iran from invading, and wear snappy uniforms. We also are trying to work with non terrorist Babylonians who want to have a peaceful country. I suppose it all comes down to who is "We"and who is "You". Of course, most Jesus Worshipping Americans cannot tell Sunni from Shiite, or Arab from Persian. Maybe we can use the time honored method, Kill them all, G-d will sort them out.
I used to work for a slogan happy employer. Whenever he heard the word Me in conversation, he would interrupt and say "This isn't a me company, this is a we company". Maybe he can tell We from You.
On another "rules of engagement" front, Kikoshouse has a gut wrenching story today about Abeer Qassim Hamza. She is the young girl who was raped and murdered, allegedly by American soldiers. Her family was murdered at the same time. This week would have been her 15th birthday. She must have been a "you".
There was no word on the status of Universalist Unitarians.

In other news, TV person Merv Griffin passed away over the weekend. He was the host of "The Merv Griffin Show" and the originator of "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune". The latter two shows made him very wealthy.
He was a great friend of Eva Gabor, of "Green Acres" fame. When reporters asked her sister Zsa Zsa about Mr. Griffin's rumored homosexuality, Ms. Gabor said "He is too old and fat to be having sex".
Vanity Fair had a feature about Mr. Griffin a while back. It did not address the issue of his sexual orientation. It did quote him as saying that Judy Garland was the greatest entertainer who ever lived.


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