Thursday, August 23, 2007

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"293 Jesus Mouth" is finished, and not a minute too soon.
The next picture will be more abstract, and should not cause brain damage.
Jesus has long been a source of misery to me, and I have known this because of the things his worshippers say. Hence the theme of the image.
If I had known I would be finishing this on vacation, during a period of horrible heat and drought, I might have chosen another image.

I am currently exchanging emails with a Jesus Worship Blogger. He had posted a piece about knowing of the goodness of G-d. I wrote back, asking " How do you maintain faith in G-d when you are under attack from Jesus Worshippers?"
After this got through his "spam filter", he answered, and I answered back.
In a written exchange, you can finish what you have to say without being interrupted. Try that sometime when talking with a Jesus Worshipper.
It centered on two issues. One is the separation of G-d and Man. I take the view that G-d and Man is one. As you may imagine, Jesus Worshippers do not agree. "What man hath rent asunder, let no G-d bring together"
The other is the third commandment.
3-Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy G-d in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.
To quote the letter:
"Well, I am interested in knowing why you assign any value to "the third commandment" since it was written by people who you would say have a false view of God. You may answer that question at your leisure."
My reply was:
Hmm. I thought the Bible story was that Moses got the commandments on tablets of Stone directly from G-d. Now you are saying that they were written by man.
It really doesn't matter where the ten c's came from . They are good, common sense rules for living. I wrote about this in my blog a while back, and you wrote a semi complimentary comment. I regret that you did not continue that discussion.
The Third Commandment....about taking the name of G-d in vain... is a very powerful rule, and constantly violated by Jesus Worshippers. It is a lot more than G-d's last name.
Anyone can read from the Bible, or talk about G-d and Jesus. Anyone. If this is done without respect and good will, it is in vain. If it is done out of anger, or to humiliate, or to hurt, then it is in vain. Whether you think the Bible is the word of G-d and Jesus is the son of G-d is irrelevant. ( Consult the first commandment about those two concepts)

Now, I have been shouted down and humiliated many many times because of Jesus. This is how I have come to know Jesus. Through the Mouth of his believers. Through Jesus Mouth.
His worshippers consider Jesus to be G-d in human form. I disagree.

"1- Thou shalt have no other g-ds before me".

Does this include the so called Son of G-d? I don't think so.


Blogger Shaqawa said...

Hi Chamblee54,

I like your website. It is good to now that there is no God but God (One and only One).

11:20 AM  

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