Saturday, September 01, 2007

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9/1/2007 7:15:25 AM
It is saturday morning. The crickets are chirping outside. I step out for a minute to glory in the autumn air.
Yesterday was the memorial for Richard Jewell at a church a mile and a half from here. I am so lucky in so many ways.
I heat water that was in the steamer from yesterdays cooking to pour over ramen noodles. With El Torerro salsa, that is the breakfast of champions. The chips will make a great snack later.

While the internet has its charms, I will eat breakfast on the front porch with the crickets. Buddy Holly may even show up. Meanwhile, there is music to be downloaded inside.

8:07:54 AM Breakfast is done, and there is a picture to work on. Again, I am so lucky to have this craft today.
This image is going to be a mandala. Or rather, based on that geometric concept. I got a first draft done last night, and am beginning to see ways to improve it.
5:11:14 PM My apologies to anyone who wanted to know every little detail of my day. It is a lot easier to write down all that you do when you don't do much.
It has been a good, productive day. The mandala pic is on my desktop now. I am about to make a cd model chart, which will be a few hours of intense work, but is essential to the process. Pictures acquire a life of their own, and once they have the momentum it is almost certain it will be finished.
6:44:01 PM Today is not without trauma. I rode my bike up to Wal Mart looking for pants. I found some 36x36, and tried them on. The length was fine, but they were TIGHT in the waist.
I found some 38x34. While the length is ok, they fit the waist without a struggle.
The issue is, I NEED A 38 WAIST NOW!! After being skinny most of my life, and cheerfully eating as much as I please, I am getting older. And I have the gut to prove it.


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