Sunday, September 02, 2007

Iraqi Konfused Kid

I had an exchange with Iraqi Konfused Kid today. He wrote a bit of history about how Shiites got to be the way they are. Mind you, all of this took place 1400 years ago, and history is not an exact science. In fact, a few posts ago I called history the fourth kind of lie, after lies, doggone lies, and statistics.
Of course, when you are in a feud with people, long after the reason for the conflict is forgotten, the cycle of vengeance continues. And when you have agenda driven foreign terrorists fanning the flames of this conflict, it can get even worse.
I was interested in IKK's history enough to try to read it. The problem is, it was not written very well. Here is a key sentence. It is 185 words long( No, this was not written by Miss Teen South Carolina):
"There is no better example of this logic-less method of persuasion that the story of Fatima al-Zahraa's Rib, supposedly, before the death of the prophet, he appointed his cousin, Ali, as his successor, but the first caliph was Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, when Ali refused to extend allegiance, Omar ibn al-Khataab, one of the most important companions in Sunni Islam, went to his house and started shouting and threatening to burn it even though Fatima, Ali's wife and Prophet Mohammed's only daughter, is inside, eventually, Omar (sometimes not him, but a minor slaved called Qunfudh) crushed Fatima using the door of the house, that her rib was broken, and she was forced into a miscarriage of the third child Muhsin, before dying six months later, in a notorious day Shiites uphold as 'Zahraa's Martyrdom' Amazingly, Imam Ali, easily the most self-righterous, strongest and most courageous figure in Islam, did absolutely nothing for the death of his wife and child . and went to 'grudgingly' accept the caliphate of Abu Bakr and Omar, even advising the latter on certain matters, for fear over the unity of Islam!!!!"
Would you strap a suicide vest on because of that? I didn't think so.
Anyway, back to IKK's essay. It started out with a few words about "The Passion of the Christ", and about "SouthPark". I have not seen "Passion", and have assumed that the charges of anti-Semitism were merely part of the publicity for the film. Mr. Gibson's lovefest with a traffic cop did put a new light on that issue.
So what does this have to do with people killing each other because of something that happened (or did not happen) in the eighth century? I wish I knew.
So I sent this comment to IKK:
" Hey.
I tried to read this. I think there are some important ideas here. There are many many things about Islam which the people in America do not understand.
The problem is, I did not understand this. Your sentences are much too long. You do not use punctuation properly.
While this might make sense in Arabic, it is so much mumbo jumbo in English.
If you were to edit this, and use shorter sentences and more periods, you might get an important message out to the world.
Now, it is football season, and the people of The United States do not want to be bothered with Arab religions now. Christian leaders tell them that this is a terrorist religion. So not many people may learn from this even if it was re written so that we can understand.
But you can still try. A spell check program is less painful than a suicide bomb."

36 minutes later, there was this counter comment:
" Yes it deserves a re-write because I've edited it a lot when I wrote it, but I don't think it's really mumbo-jumbo, it's simply that you aren't really interested. I don't write only for the Sports-inclined Americans, I simply write what I think."


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