Tuesday, September 11, 2007

six years later

It is 9-11 once again.
This is a non election year...or rather, a year without voting in November (the presidential circus is going full throttle). This means that politicians and their camp followers do not see the need to make noise about this anniversary, unlike last year.
Now, the radio whiners were in full throat today. I heard one say, over the soft tones of "Amazing Grace", that the terrorists were trying to take G-d out of public life in America. This is odd, considering that the 911 nineteen were motivated by service to G-d.
Maybe this is one thing we can get out of this...the knowledge than Man really doesn't know much about G-d, and what we do know is not worth fighting over.
There was a lot of noise six years ago to the effect that 911 changed everything. Today, I really don't see that. My life is very much the same, at least on the surface.
The big difference is a self destructive war America is stuck with. Our leadership gained a great deal of good will and power in the wake of the attacks. This mojo was wasted in a ruinous war in Babylon. This, a big increase in the national debt, the erosion of many of our freedoms...this is the legacy of 911.
The attacks were very beneficial to our leadership. They had only been in office a few months, and had been elected under highly shaky circumstances. While I don't think they were smart enough to pull off 911 as an "inside job", I cannot rule out the possibility that the plot was known about, and allowed to take place.

Last year, lots of bloggers told their 911 stories. Through the miracle of memory/copy/paste, here is mine.

Most of my fellow bloggers are telling their 911 stories. Mine is not that dramatic. I was at work, and someone called out that someone had run a plane into the World Trade Center. I didn’t think much of it, until I heard that the second tower had been hit, then the pentagon, then the towers collapsed, then a plane crashed in Pennsylvania.
I focused on my job most of the day. There was always a lot of melodrama at that facility, and concentrating on my production duties helped to keep me sane. This was roughly the halfway point of my seven year tenure at this place, which featured an unfortunate association with a professional Jesus worshipper. After the extent of the damage became known, he shouted “ They are doing this for Allah” and he prayed at his desk. After seeing just what a hateful loudmouth Jesus had made him, the spectacle of him praying made me want to puke.
I became alienated from Jesus during these years. Where I had once been tolerant of Christians and Jesus, as one would be with an eccentric relative, I had come to loath the entire affair…and I do not make excuses for Jesus either. I hear of others who found comfort in religion during this difficult time, but that option was simply not available for me.



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