Wednesday, September 05, 2007

he told her the time

10:08:26 AM
In one minute and ten seconds, we will have a special time.
This is the time when clock and watch ads are photographed.
The Second and Minute hands make a welcoming gesture at this time. Ad designers decided long ago that this makes people want to purchase their goods.
The reason for the 35 spot for the second hand is a bit more obscure.
Now, the question for this seminar: Are timepiece ads really shot at 10:09:25, or do those ads lie?

12:58:06 PM
This will have to be fast. This is a holiday week, and hourly folk don't get time and a half. Therefore, there is no reason for me to take a full hour for lunch, and I have been requested to only take a half hour.
I was listening to a radio whiner named Mike Gallagher. He is flamboyantly conservative, with a special emphasis on illegal immigration. He speaks often about his Christian beliefs. (I can't bring myself to use the word has been ruined by the jesus worshippers)
The station he is on in Atlanta is 920 WGKA. It is owned by Salem Broadcasting, which will not carry Neal Boortz because he is pro choice and supports Gay Marriage. (OK, I am taking Squeals word on this. It could be that his syndicate wants too much money to carry his show).
I first became aware of WGKA two years ago, when they had billboards all over town..."WGKA 920 AM...LIBERALS HATE US". Most Liberals don't even know they exist. I am not sure that Liberals exist.
Now, there is a certain commercial that I hear on the Mike Gallagher show on WGKA 920. It is for a souped up radar detector that claims to block the signals from police radar. They advertise that if you get a speeding ticket while using their device, that they will pay for it.
An actress in the commercial says "I've got a smart man in a fast car. Lets get moving".
This product helps people violate the law. Excessive speed has been shown time and time again to be a major factor in highway deaths.
And this "Conservative Christian" is promoting a product that helps people violate this life saving law.

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