Wednesday, September 27, 2006

eighty six

Notmuchhappening.The morning was uneventful. Make a couple of runs, check a couple of jobs, listen to the whine parade(talk radio), and before you know it lunch is here.
The ramen noodles and picante sauce go well with the internet. Alas, even on cyberspace there are days when nothing is happening.
So it is back to the road, and deliveries to the hospital jobsite and the rebar erection engineers. Tiring of the whine parade on am radio, PG turns to frequency modulation.
On the first button he pushes, he hits paydirt. "I wanna be sedated". Cranking up the radio to top volume, feeling the bass vibrate the side panels of the truck, the Ramones live again.

Renovation.It is a shame the key Ramones had to die. They would have made a great oldies band. When PG saw them in 1983, they were halfway there already. By that time, Dee Dee had decided that working for a living was too much a distraction for his drug habit. But Joey and the Guitar Player…was he Johnny? were in good form that night, as much as good would ever apply to that seminal ensemble. Pinheads don't do good very well.
(author giggles at thought of the ramones as a seminal ensemble)

TruthinAdvertising. D U M B, everyone's accusing me.
Ah, the sight of Joey hitting himself in the head, as he introduced "beat on the brat with a baseball bat". Or, as Dee Dee said once " its not good to get hit on the head while you have been drinking. It might cut off the flow of oxygen to your brain" Or something like that...PG doesn’t feel like looking through a 300 page book, just to get an exact quote from a dead junkie.
Alas, commercial radio is not able to knock PG out twice in a row. The next song was evidence of payola in the music industry, "with or without you" by U2.

Homeagain. This has been another week in the real world. My picture is just about ready to go into final production. The last part of detailing took two nights to get right, and it was a minor detail.
The blue part of the image is made of blue masking tape, and it comes in two inch rolls. This means that the blue portions of the image that are larger than two inches have to be broken into sections, and in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.

Aesthetically Pleasing. What am I doing, talking about the Ramones and then segueing into aesthetically pleasing?
I wrote a letter earlier this week which describes this a bit..
. It has been an ordinary start to the week. Working is a drag, but it is better than not having a job at all. The thing I dislike the most is not having the time or energy to go much else. Since I got home today, I have cooked dinner, gone for a walk, worked on a picture, and read a few things on the internet. It seems like I have gotten very little done, but already it is 930, and if I am gonna get 8 hours before tomorrow I need to get to bed at 10.
Last night, I turned on the tv with every intention of watching the falcons on monday night football. When I turned on the tv, there was a commercial on the game...big surprise...and I turned to a pbs special on andy warhol. I was fascinated by that, and watched the remaining two hours of it. Warhol is an amazing character, even if he was a total jerk. The pivot point of his life apparently was when he was shot...before he was into the underground art scene, and after he was a capitalist pig. The shooting was going to happen...he had all the edgy, drugged up people around him, he treated them like dirt, and sooner or later someone was gonna get tired of it and try to off him...which she very nearly did.

PublicBroadcast. The special on Warhol was getting in the way of my making revisions. At one point, this man was describing a movie Mr. W (now there is a concept, considering who W is today) made. The movie was his bf sleeping for six hours, or was it eight. Anyway, the commentator said " who is going to watch a movie like this, not millions, that’s for sure" I decided this was a good time to go in the studio and make a few changes to my model.


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