Wednesday, January 31, 2007

290 torture

dahkinkster I call this image "torture", because some times images don't want to happen. Even after I got this into production, I preferred to noodle with photoshop, turning decent people into obscene cartoon charactars. And so it goes.
At least Kinky Friedman is still with us.
Sometimes the admission of ignorance is the first step to knowledge.

technodeprave I have been totin a camera at work the last few days. There is a gas station where you cannot drink beer or liquor. No word on wine. Then, there is "do not enter" by the soldiers graveyard. A day late, and an armistice short.

gummintgoneawry I opened i.e. to post this. At the MSN home page, the word was there.....

Liberal columnist, author Molly Ivins dies at 62
NFL linebacker suing police
Send feedback to MSN
Now, sending feedback to the evil empire is probably useless. ( And that is probably, not prolly. I saw a poster once where probably had been misspelled into probaby. You are pro,baby!)
A linebacker suing police is a payday for lawyers.
But Molly Ivins can't die! She makes too much sense. Even if she is tagged "liberal", a label she never objected to.

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