Saturday, January 27, 2007

saturday canines

Therighttrack The mailbox is next to the city limits of Chamblee GA. This is the namesake of the blog ( or is the blog the namesake of the city?) Once a sleepy redneck village, "Chambodia" is today a magnets for immigrants.

smackdowntime The blogworld shakedown is starting.
This is to be expected. As the blogging thing begins to expand, some of the early "winners" are giving up the battle. While I would enjoy more readers for my little corner of the cyberworld, I see the anguish caused by too much popularity.
I will continue to cut down trees in an empty forest. Does the sound of my chainsaw bother you?

Byebyepurgatorio Some of my faves have quit the battle. Pugatorio says:
As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been slacking on the posts . It’s been more like PURGASNORIO around here lately. This isn’t due to lack of material, but more a lack of passion. I feel that, while trolling the evangelical gutter for content can be amusing, it doesn’t feed my soul and diverts my creative energies from other more pressing endeavours. I won’t be posting here much in the near future. However, I’ll leave the blog up for a time as a monument to our own self absorbtion and God’s forbearance. Thanks to all of you for your patronage.
What does it avail a man to gain a half million unique visitors, and lose his soul?

condolences Here was my posted comment:
Sigh. Marc I have enjoyed your blog, but if it is not fun anymore, then you should take a break.
Thank you for the effort. I have thought that my own lack of blog motivation is due to a puny readership. I see that having a big following can be just as hazardous.
While I enjoy your poking fun at the foibles of Jesus Worship, I realize that it might come at a cost to your own belief. Maybe if you showed a more “positive” view of modern religion it would feel a bit better. It might not be as funny or popular, but it would be better for Marc

I enjoyed the jesus worship circus at purg. However, I began to sense that, while it was all amusing, it wasn't nourishing to the soul.
When I was 13 years old, I enjoyed pro wrestling. I would write to the local tv station and get tickets to see the weekly taping, and go to the auditorium downtown to see the Friday night event. After a while, though, the knowledge that it was all a show and a farce began to make the matches very boring.
Of course, going behind the scenes at a tv studio was fun. I found a telephone notebook in their dumpster that I use to this day. It has the home phone numbers of Martin Luther King and Lester Maddox.
I see the same syndrome at play in my current association with certain jesus worship blogs. I know that I don't agree with what they say. When they can't answer my arguments, they either insult me or ignore me. This is how "some" jesus worshippers operate.
As for Purgatorio, the operator is a "Good Christian". He enjoys my comments when they are upbeat and humorous, and gently chides me when I am too negative.
I wish him well with his life. His product has been enjoyable, and the archives are still up to be enjoyed. I would hope that whatever his next project is will be as much fun, or , if not that, will enrich his spirit.
Spirt Seeking should be enjoyed, not argued over or made fun of.

canineparty This morning, I went to the mailbox at an area airport. After walking through a magic forest, I walked by a yellow fire hydrant. On the way home, I was assaulted by a dog in a living room. The canine theme permeates the day.

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