Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lunch Entertainment

I am starting to appreciate the concept of a one hour lunch.
When I started here, I took a half hour, and not every day. Often we would be busy, and I would routinely skip the noon meal. The bean counters at corporate were not amused.
But, you can get used to anything if you have no choice. The internet is a good companion, especially if you have some things to look for.
Of course, my blog got no comments (you,with the world’s smallest violin,downsize). The Jesus Worship blogs are there, but blessedly quiet today. I start to make the rounds of the address bar.
Now, the address bar is a cool feature of the much maligned internet explorer. (I have foxfire at home, and honestly don't know what the big deal is) If you look at it, you will see the latest urls that have been typed/pasted in. Since another user of the machine here has overrun the favorites window, the address bar is the de facto bookmarks column.

The first stop is the Wikidumper .This is the last refuge of articles about to be 86'd from wikipedia. Today the top feature is "twinkies in popular culture".
I was going to make a joke here, but I am so out of touch with modern "culture" that I don't know a name to insert.
Hell, I once saw a comment about Bono, and thought they were talking about Sonny.
As the legal "profession" likes to say, they did it Pro Bono. Cher and Cher alike. Gypsies, tramps, and theives.
All this time I am eating ramen noodles with Kroger "traditional salsa". An easy open can of Kroger yellow cling peaches awaits, followed by an afternoon of water and bagels. Yes, it is cheaper than McDonalds, but I miss waiting in line and the attitude of the staff. Life is not fair.

The next line on my impressionistic internet inventory is kikoshouse .A resounding repository of antiwar common sense, K's house is a must stop on my virtual journey. The top feature today is a welcome to the spring season, illustrated by a Grant Wood image. Below that is a thought provoking feature on the use of contractors in Iraq.
With the all volunteer army, contractors, who are well compensated, do many of the jobs formerly done by conscripts. This has been very profitable to the corporations who got the contracts. It is also morally iffy, when you consider the role of "private security" contractors, a.k.a. mercenaries. These merry men do a lot of the dirty work in this “liberation”, which has the benefit of being deniable to our side.
However you may feel about the war, it is tough not to be supportive of the troops. They are doing their job, at great risk and low pay. However, when you have a hired gun, making a six figure salary...the sentimental notions about supporting the troops goes out the window.
As a side issue, when Vietnam was being napalmed to save it, those of us on the homefront heard a lot about "backing our boys in Vietnam". Now, those guys were young, but they were not boys. They were men. In the present conflict, women do many of the jobs. It takes too long to say, "back our boys and girls". So, we say. "support the troops". This is an improvement.

The last electronic stop before I got the urge to write was The quotation page The first name I entered was Oscar Wilde. There were seven pages of quotes, many of which are familiar. The next name was Janis Joplin. I found one :
"Don't compromise yourself. You're all you've got".
I could add the time she was on the Dick Cavett show.
" I could tell you were a swinger by your shoes".
The last name I entered was Larry Kramer. There were no quotes in the database. This might be a good thing. I have been warned about "inappropriate" websites while at work.
The pictures here were taken at and near the Carter Center on March 18, 2007.
Jimmy says hey.
The spell check suggestions for this post:
bono...bonn, boon, boo, bon, bone, bonnie, bongo, bond, bony, bolo, bozo, boron, boson, boons
cher...cheer, cheri, her, tier, cherie, char, chare, chore, chorea, chori chef, chew, cherry, cheers, cheery, cheek, cheep, chess
ramen..ramon, ramona, ragmen, ragman, rammed, rammer, raven
cavett...caveat, cave, caved, caves, cadet, caret,

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Blogger Shaun Mullen said...

Thank you for the kind words about Kiko's House.

Best, Shaun

7:06 AM  
Blogger MTR said...

What is the first picture of? It looks EXACTLY like my elementary school.

8:46 AM  

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