Monday, February 12, 2007

global warming

Talktalktalktalk There is currently concern about the effect of burning fossil fuels, most notably oil and coal. While this concern may be too late to have a positive impact, nonetheless it is a good discussion to have.
Now, I have not seen "An Inconvenient Truth". I know about the basic premise...that the CO2 put in the atmosphere by fossil fuel use is going to cause "global warming". The polar ice caps would melt, the sea levels would rise, the weather would become more intense, and many other nasty side effects would ensue.
Many reputable scientists support this hypothesis. Some scientists disagree. I am not going to vote yea or nea in today’s post. However, there are a few things that I see.
Some of the anti global warming scientists are on the take. They are being paid by various sources to say what they do.
There is not "smoking gun" in this discussion. Therefore, it is easy for the loud and paid off dissenters to say what they will.
By the time there is a "smoking gun", it may be too late.
I am part of the problem, one way or another. I drive 15 miles one way to work, by myself, in a gasoline burning car. I use electricity produced by a coal burning facility.
While I don't have a firm opinion one way or another, I do draw conclusions from some of the global warming naysayers. I listen to the Neil Boortz show sometimes. He makes fun of global warming, and often says the g.w. word in a mocking tone of voice. It is possible that Mr. Boortz receives a stipend from the National Enterprise Institute, or whoever is sponsoring the naysaying.
Every time I hear Neil Boortz mock global warming, I believe Al Gore a bit more.

Theshadowknows Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man? The shadow knows. His brother John Doe is clueless, and his exwife Jane Doe is having an identity crisis.

Oceandestroy The New Yorker magazine recently published a piece about the changing pH balance in the oceans. It seems as though the oceans are absorbing the CO2 in the air, and that this is causing the oceans to become less alkaline. No one is certain what the bottom line of this will be, but it seems like a big chance to be taking. Once you start to mess with the food chain in the oceans, you run the risk of disrupting the food supply on land.
While ocean acidification does not have the nerd cachet of global warming, it may in fact be a more serious threat.
Does anyone really think that flooding the atmosphere with billions of tons of CO2 every year is going to have a good effect on the overall biosphere on the planet?
As you may have guessed by now, I am not a scientist. I also have little influence of the way our business/government hierarchy operates, and, in fact am part of the problem of fossil fuel usage.
The pictures that illustrate this commentary were taken on a recent Sunday Afternoon in Chastain Park. This facility is 1000 feet above sea level, so the ice caps will have to do a lot of melting before this park is directly threatened. Still, it is to be hoped that I can enjoy other pleasant Sundays like this in the future.

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