Wednesday, March 14, 2007

purple flowers

It all started innocently enought. My "virtual neighbor" Denny posted a few pictures of himself. I commented:
You should be careful with this. The internet is crawling with photoshop junkies looking for images to molest.
Self timer is a dangerous feature.
Nonetheless, I am so grateful for the miracle of digital photography. I am too cheap to buy the supplies and prints of traditional photography. By my latest guesstimate, my cost per image price of my camera is down to about a nickel apiece. There is almost no fast way to know, but the three folders on my machine with pictures have over 4 gigs.

You know, a tour of my picture folders would be a subject for a future post.

Well, I decided to go get dinner, and come back and ponder the evenings assault on good taste. Looking at the western sky, I saw the sun about to sink over the horizon. Before you could say "holy pixel batman" I grabbed the camera and headed up the hill to the schoolyard.

Alas, there were too many trees on the horizon to yield a postcard quality sundown, but the pine trees and baby magnolias were all too happy to share their glory with me. There was a window where some first graders had watercolored images on the glass. At the top of the path, a little purple flower posed for me. Never mind that some would call it a weed...not being bio knowledgeable, it is a mystery to me


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