Thursday, March 15, 2007

the man on the grassy knoll

Does anyone else find Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to be a fraud? Much of the media is buying his story at face value.Some even use it as a justification for our war in Babylon.
the strangest thing just happened. I am at a computer, looking at the internet during my enforced one hour lunch. I decide to look for stories on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Now, I cannot spell arabic very well, and like to use copy/paste when it involves tricky names. With technorati it worked well, but when i tried to paste it into this document, it didn't want to go. Finally, I just manually copied it off the screen. Now, when i copy Khalid Sheikh Mohammed off the word document it goes fine, but if i copy it off the internet it doesnt work.
Perhaps big brother encoded the words Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on the internet and it was not possible to copy that phrase

Here is a commentary.

"Mohammed made his confession at a military tribunal in Guantánamo Bay on Saturday, "according to a transcript released by the Pentagon yesterday"—a transcript we have to trust entirely, since no reporters were allowed inside the courtroom"
We also have to trust the translation of his comments, since, no doubt, they were not in english.
Much has been made of the timing of this announcement. The implication is that the Administration is trying to distract public attention by waving the flag of 911. The only problem with this is the fact that W, Dick and the crew has been in deep doo doo all the time recently. Any time would be a suspect time to release this transcript...we don't even know when KSM really gave the statement.
The issue of torture raises its gnarly head. If and when he goes to trial, the issue of whether KSM was tortured will cast doubt on the proceedings.
DNA samples were taken. This will help to verify his claim to be the father of Anna Nicole's baby.



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