Thursday, February 08, 2007


megabittage Andy Warhol needs a bit of modernizing. What he meant to say, in the future, everyonte will be famous for 15mb.

spotlightplease Ted Haggard recently claimed the spotlight to go back in the closet.
One of my favorite charactars from that affair was the "acting senior pastor" at the megachurch that Mr. Haggard
led. I reckon he forgot to comment on this latest twist

conservatism On my way home from work, I was listening to a "conservative" radio show hosted by Mr. Micheal Medved. He was interviewing someone, and the recent demise of Anna Nicole Smith was mentioned. The guest made a joke about how he would always remember where he was when he heard about it.
Now, I scarcely know who Ms. Smith is. I seldom watch tv, and don't pay much attention to tabloid celebrities. Still, for a "pro life" talkmonger to make light of her demise is distasteful.
Of course, this "pro life conservative" supports the slaughter in Iraq. Which is odd, because he got a draft deferment during the vietnam killing party. That was before Roe vs Wade. Conservatives have always been for war and against abortion. Life is sacred, unless it is an asian peasant, or a child whose dictator was the next Hitler.

MercyKilling Fish sandwiches are now 2 for $4 at arby's. Panhandlers were working the line at the drive thru.

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