Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Open Letter

OpenLetter The following is a letter to radio talkshow host Micheal Medved
You were talking yesterday about taxes. You asked for anyone who thinks we should pay more taxes to call in. Now, with my job, calling in is not an option for me. I do,however, have some ideas about why we should pay more taxes.
Now, this is not economic, although that is always a factor with taxes. This is a moral argument.
We should pay more taxes as a way to participate in the war in Iraq. (I should note that I couldn’t bring myself to use the phrase "war on terror". OIF is a war on people, in a country eight time zone away.)
The burden of this war is being carried by a small part of the population. The troops, and their families, are bearing the entire load. The rest of us get off by talking. This is not right. The burden of this war should be shared more equally, and a way to do this is to raise taxes.
Maybe if OIF were affecting us in the wallet, then supporters of this war would think twice about their bluster.
I should note that I have been opposed to the War in Babylon since day one. I never believed the talk about wmds or al queda, and considered Mr. Hussein to be relatively harmless. In fact, by serving as a counterweight to Iran, he was doing us a service.
Of course, the decision to invade and occupy has been made, and we have to live with it. An abrupt withdrawal would do harm. Our continued presence is doing harm, and will need to end some day. I don't know what the answer is.
One thing to do is share the burden of this ghastly war.
One way to do this is with a tax increase.
This letter will be posted at my blog, http://www.chamblee54.blogspot.com/.
Cam Mckinnon
Atlanta GA
The spell check suggestions for this feature
Wmds…wads weds
Queda…quad quid
presense...presence prisons prissiness pretense persians persons

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