Saturday, February 17, 2007

Doe Family

allinthefamily In the latest edition, I commented on the Doe Family. There is more to the story.
The focus is the human section of Doe. A doe is a female deer.
Sha Dow is a mysterious figure. No one seems to know why he changed the spelling of his last name.
John Doe is rather slow. Not much is known about him.
The question arises, how does a man without an identity get a wikipedia article?
Jane Doe is the ex wife of Sha Dow. A mysterious figure,she is undergoing an identity crisis.

internationalfolk Juan Doe is undocumented, and prefers to remain a mystery.
The urban cousin is Bro Doe.
TaeKwonDoh is the asian end of the family. She will kick your ass.
Do Si Doe likes to dance. She takes being called square as a compliment.
According to science and legend, there was once a bird, the Dodo. This is pronounced doe-doe, not doo doo. The later is a vulgar phrase for excrement.
The Doe clan should not be confused with Dow Chemical. Some of the Does have tried better living through chemistry.
Which will bring us back to Doe.


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