Monday, March 12, 2007

march weekend

this is now officially a good weekend. I have, in the last 36 hours:
---Bought groceries
---Built the model for a picture I am working on.
---Made several commentaries to other peoples blogs. Here is one:
W.M.D.s in Iraq was the excuse, not the reason, for the war.
Yes, Saddam did use chemical weapons on the Kurds. This is when he was the Ally of the United States. You might wonder why Saddam was executed before a trial on the gassing of the Kurds. Quite possibly, we would have found out where he got his poison gas, and that might have been embarrassing to the United States.
I realized something while I was typing my initial comment in this thread. My loathing of the President is largely because of the war, not the other way around.
There is an aricle in this months Vanity Fair about a man who went to Iraq to film a pro war movie. When I read this, I was horrified at the killing party that he portrayed. This is the war that some of the meaner elements of our society has wanted for a long time, and the whole terror/w.m.d thing is a mere pretext for some feel good bloodshed. The price will be paid when these men-turned-killing machines come home and integrate themselves back into our society. We will be paying for this war for a long, long time

---Had a highly entertaining phone call with a friend. Some of the observations are:
**a person will not forgive someone they have done wrong. While I have suspected this for a while, it was articulated by the late molly ivans with regard to the right wing media and their treatment of hillary clinton.

**the war in iraq is the result of years of war/debt economy. we have been spoiling for a fight for years, and we have found one.

**saddam was a threat that must be destroyed. he was also weak, after years of sanctions, and would not offer much resistance.

**the loathing that i feel for the president is the result of his adventure in iraq. This is the opposite of being opposed to the war because it was started by mr bush.

**If we nuke iran, the fallout will land on our troops in iraq

---Finished watching "Reservoir Dogs". I rewound it and started to see it a second time.
---set the clocks ahead one hour
---Walked to a fabulous potluck supper. I like to walk on railroad tracks, and the freight train on the tracks passed by just as i walked by one of the access points, so I got to walk on the tracks. I was enjoying life at this point, after a week of struggle, depression, exhaustion, and hard work. I was walking on railroad tracks, going to what promised to be a night of excellent food and camraderie.
The dinner was all I hoped for and more. I took a bunch of pictures, which i doctored and posted elsewhere.


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