Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pinko Rino


The following is a comment I made at The Shaqawa.
He posted a feature about the demise of Abu Risha. He is the Sunni leader who was a part of the turnaround in Anbar province. This is where the Iraqi Sunnis have joined forces with the Amerikan troops to fight the Saudi fighters. It seems like the Saudis got a bit too aggressive in their treatment of the natives, which provoked a reaction.
Before I get to my commentary, I should pass along one tidbit that I read somewhere. It is late, and I cannot find the source, although if I can I will update this with a link. The story goes, Anbar province is not that big a deal, at least not compared to the oil rich south part of Iraq, and the Persian Gulf ports that are used to ship this oil. These regions were conquered by the British troops, who are now leaving. The Brits are being replaced by much fighting among the different varieties of Shiites. Many of these Shiites...indeed, probably most...have close ties to Iran. It makes you wonder why we are making such an effort to "secure" Anbar province, which does not have much oil.
Maybe this war really isn't about oil after all. The fact that Iraq has the second largest supply of oil in the world is a coincidence.


When I opened a wordpad to write this, I copied over a post at my blog called "war pigs".
I like to do this when commenting at a blogspot site. It is very frustrating to write a long comment and have it disappear when blogger has a hissy fit.
Now, to the subject of this comment.
"BG" said :
"i wish to personally thank the Democratic leadership, of which could not hold a candle to Sheihk Sattar, for EMBOLDENING THE ENEMY & PROLONGING THIS WAR VIA THEIR DECLARATIONS OF FAILURE!! #$%& YOU & YOUR COWARDLY ILK & MAY YOU REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SEWN 10 FOLD, SAME GOES FOR THE PINKO RINO'S, AMEN!!"
There is plenty of blame to go around for the American disaster in Babylon. The Democrats were all too willing to believe the nonsence that W and his buddies were spouting, and voting to approve this self destructive fiasco.
However, to say that Democrats are "prolonging the war and emboldening the enemy" is rubbish.
There are many indications that our government has no intention of leaving. The building of enormous bases is one sign that this is intended to be a permanent occupation.
And who is the enemy? I hear a lot of talk about destroying Al Queda , before they attack Amerika again. Of course, this is Al Queda Mesopotania, which is different from the branch of Al Queda in Pakistan. The Pakistani crowd is the one pulling off 911.
Also, I dare say there is no shortage of Amerika haters around the world who are willing to replace the ones we kill in Iraq. Among these may be family members of women and children killed as "collateral damage" in this ongoing tragedy.
And , isn't Al Queda largely a Saudi organization? Whenever you buy gasoline refined from Saudi Oil, you are aiding Al Queda.
Yea, the talk of the Democrats may be emboldening some members of Al Queda. But I dare say they would still be fighting if the Democrats were not asking tough questions about the war.
I may recycle this at my blog. If I do I will cut out the bad language used, as my blog is for general audiences. It is fine and dandy to talk about killing women and children, but don't use words about body functions while you are doing so.
Shaqawa, thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment.

Since I made my original comment, BG has replied.
He posted a fire breathing quote. He also had a link, with the words "Answer here , check the dates" When I went to that site, I found a scary picture of Hillary Clinton, with a different quote from the one in the comment. The quote in the linked page was made September 13, 2001. BG added the sage comment "nuff said about W's nonsense"
It is getting late, and the alarm clock takes no prisoners at 6am. I may or may not deal with this later.
I will say that the thought of Slick Willie as First Philanderer is truly awful.
As for BG, he made another comment. "chamblee54 said...let me put this nicely as don't know your b*** from your elbow..
seriously, get educated.."


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