Wednesday, September 12, 2007

War Pigs

A little while ago, I was coming back from Kennesaw when the perfect song came on the radio . The song was “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath.
Now, when I was younger and should have been enjoying BS, I was into a “rock snob” thing and looked down at them. As a result, I missed the seminal concert at the Municipal Auditorium where Ozzy got a tummyache and the band quit playing after 25 minutes.
But enough faux nostalgia. It is the day after the 911 anniversary, and General Petraeus is giving his much awaited report to the parliament of theives. And the radio whiners are in a dither because some folks were not nice to the man.
To begin with, “betray us” is such an obvious joke. While is hardly known for its wit, they could have done better than that. And no, I haven’t actually seen the ad, but I heard about it.
But back to General P. I suppose I have respect for him, and agree with much of what he says. But I don’t think the critics are off base by making fun of him. The commander of a six digit army is a dream job for a military man. I am sure than General P is a master politician, and had many allies...and victims... in his rise to the top of the heap. War is hell…kill or be killed. So why should we give a free pass to the boss soldier coming to congress to give a progress report?(Which is not coming to progress to give a congress report).



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